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One and Done: How to simplify mule deer hunting – By Marsha Petrie Sue

Having never hunted mule deer, I wanted to make sure all bases were covered prior to the harvest.  Our freezer is nearly empty and we try to ingest only organic hoof to table food, which makes hunting important for the Sue family. The job was cut out for me. My motto for[…]

Setting Up Hunting Shots with a Bolt Action Rifle

How many times have you been stalking that white tail and thought you had a dead-on shot just to watch your next meal go running off into the bush? At the 2016 She Never Quit Summit Olympic Triathlete and instructor Lanny Barnes, WOMA Chair Marsha Petrie Sue, and Babes with Bullets and WOMA Founder Deb Ferns shows us how to set up a hunting shot in the field.

Media and Industry Day at the Range 2017

The continued success of Media and Industry Day at the Range was evident this year. It was cold and windy in the beginning but it was a beautiful cloudless day once again with lots of people in attendance. This event has grown every year and this year was no exception.